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One Time Productions

One Time Productions is an ensemble theatre company whose mission is to present theatre in environmental spaces that are logistical and conducive to the setting of the work, presenting plays one time in each site-specific venue.

Arts or Crafts by Rob Roznowski

One Time Productions partnered with the Kansas City Art Institute to present a new work at the H&R Block Artspace. Arts or Crafts is comprised of several small scenes that examine 'What is art?' and/or 'What is craft'?  

The play debuted at Michigan State University and was written for the University where several students performed the varied roles. Roznowski conducted several rewrites and script changes to present the play to a non-academic audience.  

The setting of the production was in the upstairs of the H&R Block Artspace, an extension of the Kansas City Art Institue and is used primarily as a revolving gallery for visual artists. The space was a white artist's canvas with action staged in the round. The white box experimential setting provided a "clean slate" to begin the examination and dissection of art that is found in many different forms.

The play ran for seven performances.


True West by Sam Shepard
One Time Productions produced True West in and around an airstream trailer in the Brookside area of Kansas City, Missouri. 
OTP Co-founder and visual artist Johnny Naugahyde obtained an airstream trailer from a promotional exhibit of Hallmark Cards’ character Maxine.  Naugahyde constructed a porch-like stage built out from the front of the magnificent full size trailer providing an intimate environment for a theatre staging.


True West illustrates the dichotomy of suburban life with the freedom and irresponsibility of the world outside, in nature - which was incorporated into the technical elements of the production and  directly impacted the audience’s experience  (no pre-recorded sounds of crickets were used nor required).

The play was staged in the backyard.  Minimal lighting instruments were utilized, and all were hung on a tree branch that hung above the stage area.  The stage management booth could be seen through the window of the kitchen overlooking the audience and stage.

The play ran for seven performances.

Museum by Tina Howe
Collaborators Bess Wallerstein, Johnny Naugahyde and Derek McCracken attended the 2005 William Inge Theatre Festival in Independence, Kansas. The festival has annually honored a notable voice in American Theatre for over 26 years. Playwright Tina Howe was the honoree in 2005, and her enthusiasm, honesty and sincerity sparked the idea for One Time Productions.  

An excerpt of Howe’s play, Museum was presented at the festival which intrigued OTP more than any other. The play contains a fascinating deconstruction of human behavior, but also presented an opportunity to be staged in an actual art gallery. After having a conversation with Tina Howe, OTP learned that the play had never been staged in a museum.  Through a partnership with Kansas City based company Hudson Home Gallery, One Time Productions inaugural debut was a three night run of Musuem which was performed in the Hudson Home Gallery space located at 1619 Walnut in the heart of the Kansas City Crossroads Art District.

The set was compiled by using much of the existing gallery space. Two additional walls were built especially for the production which extend off of the natural design of the space including dimensions, paint color and texture. The installed gallery lighting was used without any incorporation of theatrical lighting instruments. Members of the audience were seated on the artisan furniture - sold by Hudson Home Gallery. The three installations of art work that were required by the text were designed and built by co-founder and visual artist Johnny Naughahyde.


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