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Coming at you from a different direction. 

Images © CounterClockwise, LLC.  Poster designs by Alexis Barelli.  

CounterClockwise Comedy was co-founded in 2006 by Bess Wallerstein Huff and Wade Meredith. Wanting to explore the many forms of improvisational comedy performance, CCC created unique performances utlizing short-form and long-form improvisation, music, dance, sketch comedy and stand-up.  Taking inspiration from the Chicago improvisational scene, the mission of CounterClockwise was to create innovative and experimental performances that worked in a variety of formats and performance styles.  The group featured several local and national guest improvisers and comedians including the national touring sketch comedy group The Late Night Players.

Since 2008, CounterClockwise Comedy focused on developing a new interactive movie watching experience in partnership with Screenland Theatres. CCC created movie roasts taking inspiration from the cult classic television series Mystery Science Theatre 3000. Movie roasts provided live, improvised commentary over popular films from the last four decades. CCC performed monthly at the three Screenland locations: Screenland at the Crossroads, Screenland Armor and Screenland Crown Center.  The group has roasted over fifty films.

Sample roasts include: Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, E.T., Die Hard, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Twilight, Ghost, Pretty Woman and The Bodyguard.

In 2010 CounterClockwise Comedy developed a new performance - Lebowski LIVE - an interactive audience viewing of The Big Lebowski for Screenland Armour.

CounterClockwise Comedy has performed for countless private corporate and community events, The Pitch Weekly’s Pitch AwardsKansas City Improv Festival and has been hired to teach various workshops on improvisational comedy.



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